Tecnam P92 Echo Super


Airspeeds are as follows

VNE Never exceed speed

140 knots

VNO Maximum structural cruising speed

108 knots

VA   Manoeuvring speed

81 knots (Do not make full or abrupt control movements above this speed.)

VFE  Maximum flap extended speed

60 knots  (Do not exceed this speed for any given flap setting.)


40 knots clean, 35 knots full flap.

Best glide

60 knots

Best rate of climb

64 knots

Best angle of climb

60 knots

Maximum demonstrated crosswind

15 knots


Air Speed Indicator Markings:

White arc

39 - 60 kts

flap operating range

Green arc

60 - 108 kts

normal operating range

Yellow arc

108 - 140 kts

operate with caution only in smooth air

Red line

140 kts

maximum speed for all operations