Past Aircraft of Hawera Aero Club



Yakovlev Yak-52 - LIZ. 
This aircraft was privately owned by a club member and was available "on-line" to those qualified and rated to fly it. The YAK was developed from an earlier training and acrobatic monoplane designed by the Yakovlev design bureau in 1975, The YAK-5O was a single seat entrant for the 1976 World Aerobatic championships, and shattered the opposition by securing first and second places in the men's contests, by taking the teams prize, and enabling Soviet female pilots to gain the first five places in the womens championships. The YAK-52 is a modification tandem two-seat primary trainer incorporating semi-rectractable tricycle (instead of tailwheel) landing gear, first built in 1979 with more than 500 completed by 1986.

Here is a short summary of the specifications for the YAK-50. Country of origin: USSR; Type: singe-seat aerobatic/sporting aircraft; Powerplant: One 268-kW (36tl-hp) Vedeneyev M-14P radial piston engine; Performance: Maximum speed 173 kts (320 km/h); 199 mph; initial climb rate 3,150 ft (960 m) per minute; service ceiling 18,045 ft(5500 m), maximum range with maximum fuel 495 km (308 miles); Weights: Empty equipped 765 kg (1,687 lb); maximum take-off 900 kg (1,984 lb); Dimensions: span 9.50 m (3 ft 2in), length 7.68m (25ft 2.4 in), wing area 15.00 m2 (161.46 sqft); Performance Rough field capability: Structure stress +9 and -6g



Tecnam P92 - THA.

Purchased new by the in club October 2004, this is the clubs newest aircraft, here are some details for the technically minded.  The P92 Echo Super 100 (hp) has four cylinders horizontally opposed in pairs with overall displacement of 1352 c.c., mixed cooling, (water-cooled heads and air-cooled cylinders), twin carburettors, integrated reduction gear, (2.4286:1) with torque damper and a compression ratio of 10.3:1.

 It is fitted with a two bladed, fixed pitch wooden propeller.  It can run on Mogas 96 octane, as well as AVGAS (which we will be using), and is fitted with two integrated wing tanks holding 45 litres each, all useable.  For flight planning recon on 20 litres per hour consumption @ 5000rpm in cruise.

Oil capacity is 2.5 litres, and it uses automotive grade oil, preferably synthetic or semi-synthetic, type API “SF” or “SG”. 

 The P92 Echo Super 100 is a twin seat, high wing aircraft with fixed main landing gear and steerable nose wheel.  At a maximum take-off weight of 544kg it classifies as a microlight aircraft for licence regulations (but can be certified for GA aviation if required.)  Standard empty weight is 281 kg, and with max fuel, and two adult pax can still carry 20kg luggage.

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